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That is exactly how it occurred

Hi, I just wanted to update on my reading I had with Gary this summer. I don’t know if you remember me but I live in Georgia, just moved there. He had told me that I would meet someone soon that would start off as a friendship then quickly into dating. That is exactly how it occurred. I met someone in November and we started dating quickly. I want to say thanks again and I’m looking forward to another reading some time soon.

Wow.. What a rich, empowering, strongly educational amazing day,

Wow.. What a rich, empowering, strongly educational amazing day, in the House of Love with such warmth and hospitality. Today having the privilege to be educated, to learn, reach clarity and understanding, to practise – to receive the Power of REIKI and Healing, REIKI level I, all in the greatness of Gary Markwick, Usui & Karuna Reiki Master and Teacher. Taking it all in I will start my new mission in the name of Healing I can hardly wait until REIKI Il embraces me.. Gary major thank you for the up lighting and insights the Healing education brought me today…but also to Denize who makes a complete stranger feel so welcome in her emails and in presence
Light & Love Sandra

Just thought you would like to know

Dear Gary Just thought you would like to know that when you said I would have a job by the end of the year and you thought I would be travelling a long distance….you were right! I have a 3 month contract with a UN Agency – 1 month before Christmas and 2 months from early January into March….in Nairobi, Kenya!!!! Best wishes

Past Life Regression

Dear Gary and Denize Thank you so much for your time yesterday. It has been such a wonder experience for both me and Sandeep. We felt very warm and it was quite enlightening. We were so impressed by your abilities. We were so surprised to see how accurate you were when you did palm reading. I have also spoken to my brother and couple of my friends about you. You guys are great. Thank you again
Archana and Sandeep

I fully recommend a session with Gary to anyone.

Hi Denize It was lovely to see Gary early July. As promised I am sending you a review for Gary for his website ‘I have been coming to visit Gary for over 10 years for palmistry and now in the last 2 years also for Reiki. Gary is such a lovely, kind hearted and down to earth person. He is also a great spiritual healer. Speaking to him always give me a sense of peace and contentment. Gary and Denize house is also so lovely and full of good vibes that one instantly feel relaxed! I fully recommend a session with Gary to anyone. ] Best wishes

It was really insightful

Hi Gary/Denize Was lovely to see you both yesterday. Just wanted to thank Gary for the law of attraction Workshop, it was really insightful for me and has definitely opened my eyes to new ways of thinking and positive steps I can take to improve my life. Thanks again!
Dipti X

I love the reading

Hi Denize and Gary!!!! It was lovely to meet Gary last Saturday, I love the reading. He was so calm and serene.  Gary could really predict important things that happened and that have been happening now. He could also see my personality just by looking at my hands. My huge break up in my late 20’s, when I was 30! Let’s see what the future brings and if Gary’s predications are correct regarding love and career (as Gary said my career already changing for the better now!!!!!!that’s happening, changing and he could read it!). Regarding love, he said I will go to very far, maybe South America or be with someone from far. Maybe Gary doesn’t remember me as he has loads of readings every day. Will definitely be looking forward for another reading with Gary next year. With I could know him and be his friend and ask for advice sometimes, or have a more in depth reading. Greetings to both of you, thank you.

Palmistry by email: Beautiful reading

Hi Gary,   thank you so much. You confirmed many things that I felt and knew about myself.  Beautiful reading and thank you again so much for the time and information.
Dana USA

Palmistry by email: Thank you Gary, this is great.

Thank you Gary, this is great. I really enjoyed my reading. So accurate in relation to all the changes in the last two years. 5 years ago when you did my reading you had mentioned the Middle East coming up and you were wondering if I am to work there? At the time it was not even on my radar so did not think much of it. 18 months ago I changed jobs and now work for an international bank in Cairo! That explains a lot because even though Egypt is in Africa it is also considered as part of the Middle East. Just thought you would like to know how accurate you are!!! Thank you

Skype reading: There is quite a bit to take on board

Hello! Just wanted to let you both know how much I enjoyed the reading a few days ago and want to thank you very much. There is quite a bit to take on board but the main thing has been the confirmation of how things have been which gives me great confidence in that to come. Especially when the patterns were similar in both the hands. Happy travels!
Victoria Australia

Palmistry by email: Thank you very much for this reading

Hi Gary, Thank you very much for this reading. Your study is very insightful. Majority of the things you mentioned are very true. Everything you said about my personality and characteristics is on point. I do have a photo frame of my late grandparents in my room, whom I pray to at times. They are always in my mind. I am currently doing PhD in Chemical Engineering and I get bored at times. Currently, I feel like my life is very dull. So, sometimes I think of graduating with a master’s degree instead of PhD. Moreover, my parents are not happy here in the United States. We live in different states. Thinking about them also makes me wanna do something that could make them and me happier. I am not a 100% sure from my heart to quit doing PhD. So, I am just going with the flow for now. I am waiting for the day when my gut tells me change course. I hope you are having a good time in India! Maybe one day I will get a chance to meet you in person! Appreciate your time and also Denzie’s! Regards,
Chirag USA

Facetime reading

Hi Gary, Thank you for the insightful report! I hope I can meet you for a top up session too! Really appreciate your time, the report was accurate and certainly in line with where I am in life at the moment. Have a safe, spiritual journey! Regards

Palmistry by Email

Hello Gary and Denize, Thank you very much for the reading I was shocked at how accurate it was, you mentioned 2 members of my family that have passed away. My father and maternal grandad have both passed away in the past 3 years. I am incredibly shocked that you were able to read this from my palm and am very grateful for the remainder of the reading as well. Many thanks once again! Kind regards,

Thank you very much for my session I’m very happy,

Thank you very much for my session I’m very happy, as i was in the past , I found Gary to be spot on with picking up information, previous & the present & confirmed to me what’s ahead . Gary has been accurate for me in the past especially for what’s to come /the future & I can trust his intuition, instinct & impulse which brings his accuracy. I will not hesitate in recommending him to anyone its been years since I last seen him before today & I can still remember all what he said which came true not just for myself but for my friend to her prediction was also spot on we both had our session together so I know he’s good. Gary is the best very good I’m very happy & wish him all the best in all his desires. peace,love & harmony, love & light…..

Teaching Reiki 1st degree today!

20th August 2016  Teaching Reiki 1st degree today! So excited and nervous all at the same time!! So looking forward to sharing this with others and supporting them along their journey… Gary Markwick thank you so much for starting me on this journey you gave me the confidence to carry on and Carly Evans thank you for all your support, love and understanding that has gotten me here today!!.. So much love for you guys
Tina Herring

I learnt a lot from learning Reiki Level One

Hi Denize and Gary. “I enjoyed Gary’s Reiki Workshop, it was understanding , I learnt a lot from learning Reiki Level One! I felt very comfortable and you learn so much from Theory and Practical. Gary was very informative throughout the workshop . I felt confident with what I have learned and I am ready to move forward when I can with Level Two. “
Kind Regards, Savoulla

Thank you for making me feel so welcome

Hi Gary & Denize, Thank you for making me feel so welcome and for being so patient with me in the workshop today. It was great to have someone to talk to in great detail and your listening skills were second to none and probably tested to their limit but you kindly humoured me and worked at my pace which I’m whole heartedly grateful for. Got lots out of the session and it was very professional and well coordinated with great attention to detail. I will certainly recommend it. You have a great service here and I can see it being very much in demand. The slides and the course material were of an incredibly high standard. I wouldn’t hesitate to write some strong review notes. Loved the fact that you were so genuine and shared your own stories about your approach to life and this really helped me. It was in an exceptionally compassionate and non judgemental manner. I shall keep you posted on my decisions and hope for the best. You have set a highly optimistic tone and left me with a lot to think about but some great techniques to practice.
Speak soon. Suzie x