Palm Readings

In London and Worldwide

Palm Reading in London with Gary Markwick- Gary at his London Office
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Palm Reading Consultation
with Gary Markwick
Palm Reading London UK and Worldwide

Gary Markwick is a world-renowned third-generation celebrity palm reading consultant from London UK and has read the lines on the hands of thousands of people from around the world and from all occupations, backgrounds, and nationalities. Clients are drawn to the warm, positive energy given out when he is palm reading. Gary has been using his talent for palm reading for the past thirty-five years and is a third generation palm reader.

Gary has appeared on BBC TV, Sky TV, BBC Radio, Virgin Radio, magazines, national and local newspapers and in the News of the World to discuss palm reading. Gary has given palm readings to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and even gave former US president Barack Obama a palm reading before his electoral campaign.

Gary is the author of 3 books.

Now It Begins
A comprehensive self-help book that draws upon personal testimony.

Now it Begins

The Adventures of The Great Marlo & The Blue Pearl
Part true and part fiction about Gary’s Grandfathers adventures, an uplifting book that will serve up
an abundance of wisdom, self-awareness, spiritual health, and enlightenment.

The Adventures of The Great Marlo & The Blue Pearl

Mirror Images in Palmistry and the Tarot
A unique blend of Palmistry and the Tarot Cards in an innovative way. A collaboration with Isabella Du La

Mirror Images in Palmistry and Tarot

Gary is also a qualified Usui and Kurana Reiki Master Teacher, teaching all levels of Reiki and private healing sessions in
London or online. Reiki sessions and workshops

A qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Past Life Regressionist, and a Trainer in The Law of Attraction.
Sessions and workshops

Learn how to read hands on a 10-week course, you will learn how to read the Life line on the hand, lines for the Children, Marriage Lines, Heart line, the Love Line, the Fate Line, the Money Lines, Rare Palm Lines, Broken Life Line, Sun Line (success), Head Line and more

Gary in London doing a Palm Reading
Gary Teaching a Class on Palm Reading