Palm Reading Testimonials

Gary’s Palm Reading Testimonials

palm reading from Gary Markwick

I was so over whelmed as you saw today

Hi Gary, It was so lovely to meet you today. I have to admit although I believed in palm reading, there was still a bit of scepticism before I came to see you. However that was all banished far far away after the first few minutes of my reading! You got so much precise and correct I was so over whelmed as you saw today. And thank you so much for my palm reading!!! As I said to you I went to such a dark place the weekend gone and I felt I lost all hope with aspects of my life. I was concerned about myself and had to consultant someone that was not a friend or a loved one, and that person was you. And I am so glad I went with my gut feeling and consulted you. You lifted my spirits today out of that dark place and showed me hope, directions and that I am going to be ok. I am looking forward and never back after today and I am very excited and positive about my future. I will concentrate on feeling positive and being positive to move forward with my life. Thank you so much and I will keep you posted with what happens! P.s I bought a sketch book and have started drawing again tonight! Thank you so much and warm regards
Helena x

I wish to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the accuracy

Dear Gary, Many thanks for the reading. Well done! I wish to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the accuracy, cohesion and consistency of your reading that enhance what I said in my previous communication; that you are a remarkable and gifted person doing everything you do in a meticulous and reliable manner; a charismatic professional, who delivered to me precise information as to what may happen to my potential future! Nothing more nothing less! Yours faithfully,
Evangelos Cyprus

Spiritual integrity

Gary is an excellent Palmist and Psychic; skilled, compassionate and professional; he brings Spiritual integrity to everything he does
Nina Ashby Chairman of the British astrological and psychic society.

Spiritual kick up the butt

Hi Gary I came to see you on Saturday with Tam just wanted to say a really big thank you for giving me the spiritual kick up the butt I needed. You see I am currently having treatment for cervical cancer and was in a kind of slump as to what my future holds. Not that I was being morose thinking my life was over more its on hold and then what? I suppose I was a bit lost re-evaluating my life and wondering where to now…. since seeing you I have quit smoking and am going to use the money I don’t spend on cigarettes to have driving lessons. You told me to be creative do something I enjoy, so I got myself new tarot card ‘s (my last ones were ruined in a flood 6yrs ago). I have also had so many business ideas. i really don’t know what you have done but I really do feel like a new person with a whole new life ahead of me!!!! Not many people get a chance to start over I’m really lucky!!!! Thank you so much and best of luck Tina

Gary is worth your time and money

If you are contemplating on going for a palm reading with Gary. I would advise you to go for it. I had mine done yesterday. Not only does Gary let you feel relaxed and gives good advice and guidance. But he also allowed me to tape my reading. I had wanted to record the reading so I could ponder on what was being read. It was only after I replayed the reading. Did I realise that Gary had seen kids all around me – was because I have been working in catering kitchens – in schools for the last few weeks. During the reading I had completely forgotten this fact!!! Gary is worth your time and money. The rest I shall patiently wait to unfold. Thanks, Gary.

Thank you Gary

Thank you Gary for two fantastic readings today. Wishing you both the very best Therese

That is exactly how it occurred

Hi, I just wanted to update on my reading I had with Gary this summer. I don’t know if you remember me but I live in Georgia, just moved there. He had told me that I would meet someone soon that would start off as a friendship then quickly into dating. That is exactly how it occurred. I met someone in November and we started dating quickly. I want to say thanks again and I’m looking forward to another reading some time soon.

Just thought you would like to know

Dear Gary Just thought you would like to know that when you said I would have a job by the end of the year and you thought I would be travelling a long distance….you were right! I have a 3 month contract with a UN Agency – 1 month before Christmas and 2 months from early January into March….in Nairobi, Kenya!!!! Best wishes

I fully recommend a session with Gary to anyone.

Hi Denize It was lovely to see Gary early July. As promised I am sending you a review for Gary for his website ‘I have been coming to visit Gary for over 10 years for palmistry and now in the last 2 years also for Reiki. Gary is such a lovely, kind hearted and down to earth person. He is also a great spiritual healer. Speaking to him always give me a sense of peace and contentment. Gary and Denize house is also so lovely and full of good vibes that one instantly feel relaxed! I fully recommend a session with Gary to anyone. Best wishes ]

I love the reading

Hi Denize and Gary!!!! It was lovely to meet Gary last Saturday, I love the reading. He was so calm and serene.  Gary could really predict important things that happened and that have been happening now. He could also see my personality just by looking at my hands. My huge break up in my late 20’s, when I was 30! Let’s see what the future brings and if Gary’s predications are correct regarding love and career (as Gary said my career already changing for the better now!!!!!!that’s happening, changing and he could read it!). Regarding love, he said I will go to very far, maybe South America or be with someone from far. Maybe Gary doesn’t remember me as he has loads of readings every day. Will definitely be looking forward for another reading with Gary next year. With I could know him and be his friend and ask for advice sometimes, or have a more in depth reading. Greetings to both of you, thank you.

Palmistry by email: Beautiful reading

Hi Gary,   thank you so much. You confirmed many things that I felt and knew about myself.  Beautiful reading and thank you again so much for the time and information.
Dana USA

Palmistry by email: Thank you Gary, this is great.

Thank you Gary, this is great. I really enjoyed my reading. So accurate in relation to all the changes in the last two years. 5 years ago when you did my reading you had mentioned the Middle East coming up and you were wondering if I am to work there? At the time it was not even on my radar so did not think much of it. 18 months ago I changed jobs and now work for an international bank in Cairo! That explains a lot because even though Egypt is in Africa it is also considered as part of the Middle East. Just thought you would like to know how accurate you are!!! Thank you

Skype reading: There is quite a bit to take on board

Hello! Just wanted to let you both know how much I enjoyed the reading a few days ago and want to thank you very much. There is quite a bit to take on board but the main thing has been the confirmation of how things have been which gives me great confidence in that to come. Especially when the patterns were similar in both the hands. Happy travels!
Victoria Australia

Palmistry by email: Thank you very much for this reading

Hi Gary, Thank you very much for this reading. Your study is very insightful. Majority of the things you mentioned are very true. Everything you said about my personality and characteristics is on point. I do have a photo frame of my late grandparents in my room, whom I pray to at times. They are always in my mind. I am currently doing PhD in Chemical Engineering and I get bored at times. Currently, I feel like my life is very dull. So, sometimes I think of graduating with a master’s degree instead of PhD. Moreover, my parents are not happy here in the United States. We live in different states. Thinking about them also makes me wanna do something that could make them and me happier. I am not a 100% sure from my heart to quit doing PhD. So, I am just going with the flow for now. I am waiting for the day when my gut tells me change course. I hope you are having a good time in India! Maybe one day I will get a chance to meet you in person! Appreciate your time and also Denzie’s! Regards,
Chirag USA

Facetime reading

Hi Gary, Thank you for the insightful report! I hope I can meet you for a top up session too! Really appreciate your time, the report was accurate and certainly in line with where I am in life at the moment. Have a safe, spiritual journey! Regards

Palmistry by Email

Hello Gary and Denize, Thank you very much for the reading I was shocked at how accurate it was, you mentioned 2 members of my family that have passed away. My father and maternal grandad have both passed away in the past 3 years. I am incredibly shocked that you were able to read this from my palm and am very grateful for the remainder of the reading as well. Many thanks once again! Kind regards,

Thank you very much for my session I’m very happy,

Thank you very much for my session I’m very happy, as i was in the past , I found Gary to be spot on with picking up information, previous & the present & confirmed to me what’s ahead . Gary has been accurate for me in the past especially for what’s to come /the future & I can trust his intuition, instinct & impulse which brings his accuracy. I will not hesitate in recommending him to anyone its been years since I last seen him before today & I can still remember all what he said which came true not just for myself but for my friend to her prediction was also spot on we both had our session together so I know he’s good. Gary is the best very good I’m very happy & wish him all the best in all his desires. peace,love & harmony, love & light…..

Skype Reading

Dear Denize, I just wanted to personally write to you and thank you for everything. I absolutely loved my session with Gary, please thank him again on my behalf! It was an absolute pleasure speaking with him and his astute understanding and knowing how to deal with different questions was truly amazing. And to you personally, thank you so much for the constant stream of emails back and forth, and for being so amazing with the coordination! I know my sister will definitely want a session too, so I will check with her and coordinate with you and I hope Gary can find the time! I thank you again for everything and I hope to speak to you soon
Regards Meki Spain

Thank you

Hi there, Last June I had a reading from you, you advised I had healing hands. Well, I got to thinking, miserable in my current job, what to do? One massage course later, passed with distinction, I’m qualified, and taking clients, not enough to quit job, but I’m happier and so much more in tune with everything. So just a quick thank you from a much improved Shona. X
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