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Until recently the only way for someone to have his or her palm read by Gary, was to visit Gary in person in Camden in London, or catch him when he is on his travels. However, that is not always practical.

Luckily, things have changed – we now live in a world where distance is no impediment to communication, we talk to each other across the miles in ‘real-time’, face to face.

With the development of new technology, the high quality of phone cameras and the advent of the Internet, it is now possible to take detailed photos of your palm for Gary to read remotely, as clearly as though you were sitting in front of him.

Gary is able to offer you a personal and comprehensive reading over the internet. All you need to do is send Gary photos of your hands and he will conduct a thorough, detailed and personal reading by video conference, using Skype, Face Time, WhatsApp, Botim, Join Us, or some similar service to conduct the call. You may ask questions and get answers in real time. All Palm readings will include the Major Arcana Tarot cards.

If you are not able to do a face-to-face online reading with Gary, you can have an in-depth comprehensive email reading; this consists of between eight to ten A4 pages in length, with Gary giving a detailed email report.

A full detailed reading covers everything that Gary is able to see within your life from an analytical perspective, to clairsentience. The readings include; personality and characteristics (your strengths and weaknesses), careers (changes and direction), creativity, success, wealth, health, travel (possibly showing certain countries for work or other reasons), directions and guidance in your personal and professional life, spiritual and personal protection (that may surround you), relationships & children.

Gary reads each palm in detail, using his talent, experience and ability, to identify the meanings and importance of the lines. Gary can then convey this to you in a personal reading by WhatsApp, Skype or Face Time (where you can ask questions).

For a WhatsApp, Skype, Face Time reading you will need to send Gary:

Clear photos of the left and right full palms of both of your hands

If possible please take any nail varnish of so that Gary can see your nails.

The left side and the right side of both palms, the little finger side (you can bend your hand very slightly inwards, as this will give the lines more clarity)

The left and right backs of your hands, showing the nails to wrist


It is vitally important that your photos are clear and show enough detail, so that Gary may see the finer lines on the hands.

When checking your photos, please make sure that the lines on the palms are totally clear and visible, as Gary will need to enlarge them on a computer, to ensure the accuracy of the reading. (The sides of the palms, by the little finger represent relationships and children).

If you are also having a full email reading, as well as sending photos of your palms Gary will need

Your place and date of birth.

If possible the time of your birth, but do not worry if you don’t know this, as it isn’t absolutely necessary.

Your dominant hand. (The hand you use most)

If possible, a photo of yourself (Optional)


Gary reads each palm in detail, using his talent, experience and ability to identify the meanings and importance of the lines. Gary can then convey this to you in a personal reading by Skype or Face Time (where you can ask questions) or in a detailed (8-10 page) email report.

Audio readings also available on request: 30mins £65  50mins £90

30 minute via WhatsApp-FaceTime- Skype £60

50 minute via WhatsApp-FaceTime- Skype £85

60 minutes Via WhatsApp-FaceTime- Skype £95

Full Reading by email £175

If you prefer you can pay by Bank transfer just ask Denize and she will send you the details. If you are paying from outside the UK, Denize can send you the Swift and ISBN numbers.


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