Online Palm Reading

Enjoy a personal Online Palm Reading with Gary Markwick
Wherever you are in the world

Thanks to advancements in technology, the high quality of phone cameras, and the Internet, it is now possible to take detailed photos of your palms for Gary to read remotely. It can be done as clearly as if you were sitting before him. We now live in a world where distance does not prevent communication. Face-to-face conversations can happen across miles in real-time.

Gary’s palm reading is a meticulous process that taps into his unique blend of talent, experience, and intuition. His unparalleled ability to decipher the meanings and significance of the lines on your palm sets him apart. He can provide you with a comprehensive, personal, and confidential reading, all from the comfort of your own home.

Submit photos of your hands. Gary will conduct a comprehensive, detailed, and personalized consultation via Zoom, which can be recorded or via WhatsApp. You can opt for an audio reading if you prefer a palmistry consultation without meeting Gary. The recording will be emailed to you, and you may ask questions before the reading.

We also offer a detailed email reading that spans eight to ten A4 pages, and Gary will provide a comprehensive email report.

The comprehensive reading delves into all aspects of your life that Gary can perceive, from an analytical perspective to clairsentience. The readings cover personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, career insights, changes and direction, creativity, success, wealth, health, and travel, potentially even suggesting countries for work or other purposes.

Additionally, the reading guides your personal and professional life, spiritual and personal protection, and insights into relationships and children. However, it does not focus on the outward appearance of others.

Payments can be made via bank transfer or PayPal. Please see below for details:

Your photos must be clear and sharp and show enough detail for Gary to see the more refined lines on the hands when the images are enlarged without going out of focus. The sides of the palms and the little finger sides are essential for understanding relationships
and children.

Please ensure that you send six photos for all palmistry consultations. Providing the right images will produce a more accurate and insightful palm reading.

When taking the photos, please ensure they are close-up shots of your hands. The background and arms should not be visible; only your palms are needed for the reading.

1. Place your left and right palms facing upwards. Gary needs to see the finer lines on your palms.

2. Turn your hands so that the little finger side of your palms faces outward. Gary only needs to see the fine horizontal lines below the little finger. He does not need to see any other part of the hand. Keep the side of your hands upright and as close to the camera as possible without distortion.

3. Your hands should be upright with the backs facing up, and your nails should be visible. If possible, remove nail varnish; otherwise, it’s not a problem.

Examples of photos are below:

To get a full palmistry reading via audio or by email, please provide the following information: Your place and date of birth, The time of your birth (if known, not essential if not known) Your dominant hand (the hand you use most) A photo of yourself (optional)

The email review will take a few days and comprise 8 to 12 A4 pages. All palmistry and tarot card consultations require advance payment.

Prices for all online Palmistry consultations are:
30 minutes £70
40 minutes £85 (with the Tarot cards)
50 minutes £100 (with the Tarot cards)
60 minutes £115 (with the Tarot cards)

Audio readings:
30 minutes £75
40 minutes £90

Email report:

The palmistry report takes a few days to complete and consists of between 8 to 10 A4 pages.

Tarot consultation online:
30 minutes £70
40 minutes £85

Please pay Via Bank transfer to:
The Bank of Scotland
Palmistry In Hand
Account no: 06733631–Sort code: 12-24-81
This is a business account for Gary Markwick

For payments outside of the UK:
IBAN: GB88BOFS12248106733631
Bank of Scotland PLC, Teviot House, EH12 9DR

If you intend to pay using PayPal, please note that an additional charge of £5 will apply.

Click on the links below to pay via PayPal with a credit card