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Palmistry by email

Dear Gary, Thank you very much! I was reading the palms’ analysis over and over again. I just want to send my positive energy to you and hug you. You are amazing!
Thank you again. All the best, Leila

Palmistry by email

Hi Gary Many thanks for my reading, I thought I’d just let you know how impressed I was with reading. Thanks again for the time spent on my reading.
Kind regards, Claire

Palmistry by email: Everything was spot on…completely

Hello First of all, I want to thank you so much for putting your time and effort into my reading…I appreciate it very much. Everything was spot on…completely. I’m actually speechless. The best and most insightful reading I have ever ever had. I honestly can’t thank you enough. Completely worth it. I’m in London quite a lot…. next time I really hope to see you. Thank you Take care and enjoy your holiday!
X, Hannah

Palmistry by email: I have just finished reading your work and I am astonished about how accurate it is!

Dear Gary, I have just finished reading your work and I am astonished about how accurate it is! All that you saw about my personality traits is true the strenghs as well as the weaknesses. I am indeed bored at my work since I know I’m not in the right field (I work in an insurance company) and have been trying to find a new job in Europe or elsewhere for over a year now. I’m not surprised at all that you saw London as I’ve studied in this beautiful city and this is “home” to me though I’m 100% French. I hope (and may) to come back in the future. Thank you very much to you and Denize for your kindness and great work!
All the best, Alice France

Palmistry by email: astonishingly accurate and very wise

Hi Gary, Thank you very much for your helpful reading! It is, like all the readings you made for me before, astonishingly accurate and very wise.
Kind regards, Andrea, Austria

Palmistry by email

Hello Gary I hope this email finds you well. I’m so sorry that I hadn’t emailed back to you yet with a review. Finally have a moment to sit and thought I felt like worrying this for you now πŸ™‚ Thank you Gary for the amazing palm reading you did for me in March. I chose to do the reading over email which I found a very easy process of taking pictures of my hands and which areas to take good shots of. Your email reading was very detailed and actually spookily accurate!! It was a pleasure to read and a good and interesting confirmation of my character πŸ™‚ accurate even down to my thyroid issues where I hold my emotional tensions and issues with my stomach. None of which you could have known about but are obviously there. Thank you Gary, I look forward to my next reading and hope to be able to visit you in Camden next time, see you soon.

It’s been a few weeks since I had my palm read and I’ve been thinking about the experience ever since.

Hi Denize and Gary! It’s been a few weeks since I had my palm read and I’ve been thinking about the experience ever since. I would like to give some feedback: Gary told me that he saw Africa on my palm and then POW, I received a proposal take a spontaneous trip to Africa! Something else Gary saw on my hand was a pay rise or an increase in money.. He was absolutely right! I had already received the increase in income — long may it continue! I must say, I am intrigued to see who I embark on a long term relationship with.. I decided to leave the ‘other guy’ who – as predicted – was an utter disappointment. I am grateful for the experience all the same. things Gary said about my past and health are accurate.Those 30 minutes I experienced with you, Gary, has given me confidence to Really live AND has removed alot of fear I held inside. Thank you for your time. I’m so happy I met you both!
Warm & Kind Regards, Sara

Palmistry by email

Hi Denize Thank you. It was very accurate. Most of the things make sense now. Gary has the ability to solve the Chinese puzzle of our future so easily.
Best wishes Catherine

Palmistry by email: Very impressed

Hello Gary This is amazing, I feel as though you know me very well! Thank you. Very impressed Regards

I extend my spiritual love and thanks for today

Dear Gary and Denize I extend my spiritual love and thanks for today. You are both exceptionally interesting, highly evolved, committed and warm people and your field of work obviously offers you both tremendous satisfaction, despite the hard labour involved. Your home working environment also provides great inspiration, generates high levels of sensory gratification and healing from my experience. I will continue to prayer, visualise, contemplate and meditate on eternal success in all that you both undertake. You are beautiful people and I am blessed to have met and befriended you both. I will be in contact soon to arrange for Reiki treatments and I will notify more of my friends of your work and literature. I started reading your 2nd book this afternoon. Fascinating!
Lots of love. Shirley

My daughter, is very impressed with the accuracy of your prediction

Hi Gary, Hope you had a good time and all is well at Camden Market. My daughter, is very impressed with the accuracy of your prediction. You told her that she would meet someone in 18 months – which she did, exactly 18 months from the time you read her palm. She liked him initially and he would ring her all day long for a week or so, but stopped talking to him because although he was very clever, he was demeaning. She mentioned to her friend that you are famous and very accurate. The latter would like you to read her palm at the end of May. Hope we can arrange that.
Kind regards, Sandra

Everything you said was pretty much spot on

Hi Gary, Thank you so much for the reading by email. Everything you said was pretty much spot on- especially personality and characteristics. In regards to relationships- I think that’s also quite spot on. I will look into attending one of your work shops- Law of Attraction is something I strongly believe in and would be interested in finding out more. Thank you again, all in all the reading has been very helpful and very accurate πŸ™‚
Best wishes, Charli

Thank you for the report Palmistry by email

Hello Gary, Thank you for the report. Very accurate about the boy and girls (they are not my children, but he is my godson and like the son I never had. The girls are his sisters, and they are twins! They are all part of the family. And yes, if I had children, I could have had twins.), and about my career situation.

We were really pleased

Hi Denize Just want to say thanks for arranging the appointment with Gary for my friend and I. We were really pleased and Gary is really amazing and has such an amazing warm energy.
Thanks again, Shelaine

I find the motivation back again every time

Good morning Gary! Thank you so much for the reading you gave me last week. This is my first week at Uni, and I see that I’ll have big struggles with managing the language, but then I just think about what you told me under the reading, and I find the motivation back again every time. Thank you! Have a lovely day!

I just wanted to share my news with you

Hi Gary I hope you are well. I just wanted to share my news with you. You said I would have some sort of promotion and I asked my manager about doing a secondment and he asked me if I was willing to be acting care manager in another home. This is a massive achievement for me it is only temporary for 3 months but its a start. Thank you for my reading.
Blessings, Sharon

Palmistry by Skype: It makes me smile how accurate you were

Hi Gary Hope all is well with you? You came into my thoughts today and I remembered our reading we had on Skype, you kindly gave me a reading while you were away. Speaking to so many people doubt you will remember me or the reading πŸ˜‰ However just wanted to say most of things you said during our palm reading actually have come to the present in which the months you said πŸ˜‰ You said I would leave my job at the time and June i will be walking from one to the other. I would get another role more money great location and scope I would be traveling for my role. It happened in June I got the role and funny enough was talking with manager last week and has asked if I would be happy to travel to different country’s. If I remember correctly this would happen in September. It makes me smile how accurate you were. Re the ex, yes completely gone door is now shut. And pleased like you said. Regarding new man I guess I’m still waiting but hey it’s my destiny. The traveling you said will start from sept but again funny how the conversation kicked off last week. Just a little email to remind you of an amazing gift you have looking at the destiny of peoples palms. Maybe I will have the pleasure of meeting you when you are back in the UK one day.
Take care, Marianne

You really are an inspiration

Hi Gary I hope you are well. Since I had my reading with you I have been concentrating on my self healing and meditation daily. I also bought your book and wasnt able to put it down you really are an inspiration. I don’t know what you meant when you said I will change the way I think soon. I am looking forward to this
Many thanks, Kate

Palmistry by email: It far surpassed any preconceived expectations I had

Dear Gary, I was so excited when the email that you sent arrived with your reading; it far surpassed any preconceived expectations I had and i could tell that you had carefully considered the comments you sent and the results were much appreciated. Thank you so very much for your patience while I attempted to send the images and also for the thorough, detailed, and insightful reading. I will certainly be in touch in the future and in the meantime, I hope many others are able to access the knowledge and natural gifts that you generously share.
Warm regards, Laura, USA

Your spot on

Hi Gary, Thanks for the reading!! You’re spot-on for most things that have happened or are happening, and the advice is definitely useful. Thanks for your time again.
Sincerely, Jianrong
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