Earth School, Past Lives and Beyond

Earth School, Past Lives and Beyond

by Gary Markwick

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel backwards in time through the history of humanity and go beyond the realms of all known existence of life on earth?

Orla, a woman who travelled the world through her work as a nurse, tells her story to Gary as she journeys across time with Past Life Regression. She not only experiences and relives three lives as three very different people from the past, but she also goes beyond all boundaries of time and crosses infinite space.

During the mysterious journey through these past lives, Orla meets someone who guides her through the severe hardship and hazards she faces in each life. The one she meets is no ordinary person. He opens her eyes to an alternative history. Gradually, she begins to see the mysticism of life unfold. With his help and guidance, she is shown where and how life began on earth. Orla’s eyes are opened visually to the universe, other planets and how we came to exist. She gains a deeper understanding and knowledge of infinite wisdom, esotericism, and the path towards enlightenment.

This book also shows a truth, possibly hidden for thousands of years, that will give A greater understanding of who we are and where we may have come from.

Venture on this fascinating odyssey and discover the intriguing story of one woman’s journey through times past.

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This book is also available as a personally signed copy by Gary, through Denize + P & P.