Cosmopolitan Magazine Interviews Gary About Palm Reading

Cosmopolitan Magazine Interviews Gary About Palm Reading

Gary Markwick interviewd by cosmopolitan magazineA journalist interested in DIY palm reading interviews Gary and another palm reader, trying to learn their secrets.

Turns out it’s fairly complicated.

Interested in knowing where palm reading originated?

How about a brief rundown on how palm reading works, and whether or not you can actually do it yourself?

Gary was recently interviewed by Cosmopolitan magazine and he answers these questions and more in the July issue. The author of the article sets out to uncover her own fate while getting the lowdown on this ancient practice.

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About The Author

Gary Markwick
Gary has been using his talent for palm reading for the past thirty years, and is a third generation of palmists in his family. Gary's aim is to help and show people how to find positive resources and intentions, by using one’s own skills in obtaining the full potentiality that exists within our life.
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