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Promotional video by Gym Box “Life Line” with Gary Markwick

Studies show that grip strength corresponds with a phenomenon called an epigenetic clock. An epigenetic clock is a biomarker that evaluates the age of your DNA. This means building up the grip strength you might be able to slow down your body’s age! In the video, Gary reads palms at Gym Box before clients begin […]

Gary Markwick on the Lorraine show

Gary Markwick appeared on the ITV Lorraine show with Christine Lampard and Lucie Cave reading their palms, and Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary. This was in association with Gym Box, working together with Palmistry and hand strengthening called “Life Line”. Watch the video on youtube

ASMR Palm Reading with Gary Markwick

What is ASMR? Are you having anxiety or trouble sleeping? Chronic pain? You may want to check out this ASMR video of Gary giving a palm reading. ASMR has become a craze lately on social media, although it has been around for over 15 years. It has a growing following of people who report a […]

Palm Reading the Royals: Megan Markle

Recently Gary had the opportunity to do a palm reading for Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex. Gary's palm reading revealed deep insights into her personality. As Gary is interviewed by the Daily Express, he reveals that Meghan's palm lines indicate that she is idealistic, driven and really likes being in control. You can read the [...]

Palm reading for Prince Harry

Gary gave a palm reading to Prince Harry, as reported by the Daily Express. Prince Harry  is destined to ‘follow in Diana’s footsteps’ according to Gary. Learn more about what he discovered! Palm Reading for Prince Harry