Mirror Images in Palmistry and Tarot

Mirror Images in Palmistry and Tarot

Gary Markwick and Isabella du Lac

Mirror Images in Palmistry and Tarot

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It is Gary’s third book and the latest literary offering from Gary Markwick. It is a collaborative effort with long-time friend and associate Isabella du Lac, an experienced and well-respected Tarot reader.

The authors uniquely blend Palmistry and Tarot, innovatively, never before attempted. Each Tarot card is described, and then its meaning is revealed and interpreted by Isabella. At the same time, Gary explains this particular card and interprets it in an esoteric and practical way, equally matching Isabella’s interpretation.

Gary’s partner Denize designed the cover and some of the images in her interpretation of the subjects.

A fascinating book for those who are interested in Palmistry and Tarot cards.


I’ve always been interested in ‘mystical’ things, especially Tarot cards and Palmistry, so I was really thrilled to find out that Gary Marwick had written a book about them. Gary has put his knowledge of Palmistry to good use with his friend Isabella du Lac, and they have written a book that looks at how the two interact, Isabella talks about the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Then Gary shows how this is also present in the palms of the hand. The book is fascinating, I love the explanations, and the pictures are beautiful to look at, and it is so easy to read…….

Tiffany x

What a great read. Interesting and insightful. Really looking forward to reading about the minor arcana and Gary’s take on it combined with Palmistry. First rate. Highly recommend. Eileen

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