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About the Author

With qualifications in Palmistry, Reiki, Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP, Gary Markwick is much sought after by people wishing to transform their lives for the better. He regularly holds workshops on ‘breaking out of negative modes of thinking’ and ‘taking charge of destiny’.

Gary enjoys international fame as a palmist and spiritual healer and during a 20-year career, has appeared in the national media, including, BBC television, Sky TV, BBC Radio 4, Virgin Radio, the News of the World, Spirit and Destiny magazine and local newspapers. He has read the palms of celebrities including comedian, Phil Jupitus of BBC’s Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Q.I., Sandi Toksvig BBC presenter, and most notably, (from a palm print) President Barack Obama before his 2004 electoral campaign.

“I felt inspired to write from an early age, although it never really developed at that time, mainly due to the distractions in my life taking their toll in many different ways. Some years later, I began to write lyrics and songs, and even though each song was only between three to five minutes in length, it gave me a great sense of achievement and a feeling of well-being. I was able to transfer the ideas from my thoughts on to paper, with a combination of singing and playing the guitar, accompanied by music that I composed, eventually, going into a recording studio. I listened to the finished version of the recording with great excitement, and at a later date performed live on stage with my partner Denize and other musicians.

With the march of time, I became very busy with the work that I do now, and it began to take precedence over the music. It was sad in some ways, that I had no time carry on with my music. However, there are many cycles that happen within our lives that give us the opportunity to move on with whatever may be necessary for us at the time. So, I took this as a new phase in my life and moved on. Although, I am not saying that I will not return to music, but perhaps with a difference and in a more holistic way.

It has always been my intention, to help others, as well as to express my voice (not necessarily verbally) in whatever way I can and to somehow share the knowledge that has inspired me and been given to me by the higher self, or source, philosophically, spiritually and esoterically.

After a long period with music, I wrote a course for The Law of Attraction, which then inspired me to write my first book ‘Now it Begins’. Since then, I have continued to write. I have now written and published two books and another two are awaiting publication.