A Book About the Relationship between Palmistry and Tarot

A Book About the Relationship between Palmistry and Tarot

mirror images in palmistry and tarotIf you want to know the similarities between palm reading and Tarot cards, this book is for you. Co-authored by renowned palm reader Gary Markwick and Master Tarot card reader Isabella du Lac, this book explores the potential to weave both methods of divination together.

Although palm reading has a different base of divination from the Tarot, by using the lines of the hand to predict and explain what is likely to take place, it is possible to combine both methods of clairvoyance.

In this handy guide, the authors have shown how this is possible through a careful examination of the 22 cards of the major Tarot and the palmistry lines that represent them on the hand.

The book begins with a helpful exlanation of each art by Gary and Isabella, revealing some of the history as well as the practical applications of both palm reading and the Tarot.

Then the book launches into the Major Tarot cards one by one. Starting with the Fool and ending with the World cards, Isabella first thoroughly explains  each card in terms of it’s meaning in the Tarot system.

Gary then corealates the Tarot card with lines found on the palm. Each line is then explained thoroughly in how it relates to the card, allowing a deeper understanding of the larger archetypes that exists behind both divination methods.

About The Author

Gary Markwick
Gary has been using his talent for palm reading for the past thirty years, and is a third generation of palmists in his family. Gary's aim is to help and show people how to find positive resources and intentions, by using one’s own skills in obtaining the full potentiality that exists within our life.
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